And So It Goes…#908

A couple of days ago, the Labour Party issued its latest update on its Party line on the brexit process.We are to Remain imprisoned for an indefinite period within the Single Market as well as  the Customs Union.

The very shackles that have bound our Nation in servitude for decades to an alien authoritarian tyranny are to remain in place; this in the view of the British Labour Party constitues Brexit- the UKs departure from the serfdom of the EU !!

The following is my latest missive launched DPRK style to the local newspaper.

You may recall the failed Remain campaign that lost the 2016 EU referendum. More than 200 Labour MPs were at the heart of that discredited shambles including our own unrepentant antidemocratic zealot who despises her own constituents for having voted largely for #brexit.
Having been beaten once, the Labour Party, again are spearheading another vain attempt to in effect overturn the result of the very referendum which they singularly have refused to accept as legitimate.
Despite all the arrant nonsense from Keir Starmer and Chuka Umunna and idle bombast spewed out by the Labour Party and their deluded anti-brexit allies in various trade and industrial bodies,there is one all commanding fact which they wilfully choose to ignore in the hope that the electorate can be misled.
Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon gives the leaving country two years to negotiate an exit deal and once it’s set in motion it can’t be stopped except that the timescale of 2 years may be extended by unanimous consent of all member states.
Triggering Article 50 has started the clock running down.After March 2019,the Treaties that govern membership no longer apply to the UK.
On the day those treaties become null and void our trading arrangements with the EU revert to WTO rules.
The UK has no need to compromise on any single facet of its objectives.
They don’t have to sit around a meaningless negotiating table and be continually subjected to condescending otiose cant and vituperative slander from the EU side nor its supporters in this country.
Lying and cheating on brexit and debasing the democratic will of the electorate on an epic scale not seen since Goebbels in 1930s Germany does nothing to enhance Labour’s tawdry reputation. 200 of their MPs need to take urgent note or face the consequences.

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