And So It Goes…#909

It’s always gratifying, albeit in a mostly superficial kind of way, to see the Guardian washing the Labour Party’s dirty laundry in public.

The United Kingdom’s metropolitan ruling elites’ discredited irrational ideology of politically correct multiculturalism has spawned more categories of fiction than the Annual Costa Book Awards.

We’ve got in the major fiction categories, #HateCrime #islamophobia #racism and #homophobia ; alongside of which there’s such a plethora of subsidiary categories of proscribed errant thought ,speech and behaviour that would have been the envy of Stalin’s Cheka.

On Saturday 2 September  Guardian aka Islington Pravda published their comments on the following Times piece :-

The Rotherham MP has used an interview with the Times to highlight differences in attitudes between the capital and Labour’s northern heartlands.

Labour MP Sarah Champion has declared the “floppy left” is afraid of speaking out on issues such as sex grooming gangs for fear of being branded racist.

Champion last month quit as shadow equalities minister after a backlash for saying “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls”.

She told the Times: “If I’m on the floppy left, to be accused of racism is probably the worst thing you can call me. That fear will motivate me to step away from a lot of topics I’d maybe tackle head on if I didn’t have that phobia.”

Her constituency was the scene of a grooming scandal and she said many Labour members and politicians based in London had “never been challenged by a reality that’s different” from their largely “tolerant, multicultural world”.

Even a prominent worn out old hacks such as Trevor Phillips – whose entire career was built on the smoke and mirrors of multiculturalism and the promulgation of the cult of equality – has come to the end of his tether with all the decades long spouting of bullshit on this issue by the Labour Party in particular and you can add to that the Liberals,Greens and virtually the entire non-parliamentary Left.

And so it goes. Schadenfreude is in order,don’t you think?


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