And So It Goes…#912

Late last night on 11 September the House of Commons voted to continue with the EU Withdrawal Bill ( aka Repeal Bill aka The Great Repeal Bill ).

Essentially this will be an Act of Parliament that by and large will incorporate into domestic UK law all so-called EU laws that have been accepted and entered into the UK body politic these past four decades.

The Repeal Bill once passed will give government Ministers, what its detractors and opponents misrepresent and wilfully misconstrue ,as ” Henry VIII ” powers.

In practice such  ” powers ” are the necessary bureaucratic discretion whereby Parliament does not have to be consulted over minor and peripheral adjustments and tidying up of the preceding EU Laws that perhaps translate maladroitly into UK legal understanding and practice.

In the broader context of the UK’s departure from the EU at the end of March 2019, this Bill has been ” sexed up ” by the reactionary anti – brexit metropolitan Labour Party.

Corbyn,Starmer et al have  misrepresented the actual facts of the Bill in the same sensationalist and hyperbolic manner adopted by Blair and the now notorious Iraqi WMD dossier. That dossier was predicated on lies, equally Labour’s assertion of a governmental power grab from this Bill are also predicated on lies.

This what is what can be  gleaned from  Labour List  had to say on the late night Commons vote :-

Seven Labour MPs defied a three line party whip announced byJeremy Corbyn last night to back the Brexit bill.

Ronnie Campbell, Frank Field, Kelvin Hopkins, John Mann, Dennis Skinner, Graham Stringer and Kate Hoey. defied party orders and supported the Tories in voting for the EU Withdrawal Bill – which overturns the European Communities Act 1972 – by 326 votes to 290.

The so called Repeal bill, which had the adjective “Great” until it was dropped by the Tories, shifts the entirety of EU law on to the British statute books.

Shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer described it as a “deeply disappointing” night.

Immediately after the vote Starmer published a statement in which he repeated Labour’s claim that the Tories were trying to sideline parliament to seize greater powers for themselves.

“This is a deeply disappointing result. This Bill is an affront to parliamentary democracy and a naked power grab by government ministers. It leaves rights unprotected, it silences parliament on key decisions and undermines the devolution settlement,” he said.

“It will make the Brexit process more uncertain, and lead to division and chaos when we need unity and clarity.

“Labour will seek to amend and remove the worst aspects from the bill as it passes through parliament. But the flaws are so fundamental it’s hard to see how this Bill could ever be made fit for purpose”.

And so it goes. Corbyn and his erstwhile allies  have fully assimilated the #LabourIn position and rhetoric that hasn’t changed one iota following the EU Referndum result in favour of Leave.

Metropolitan Labour Remoaner EU shills, of whom there are 200+MPs such as Wakefield’s Mary Creagh, regurgitate the same otiose cant and utter the same vacuous platitudes that they’ve done all along.

According to Creagh , Labour ” Recognises and respects the referendum result “. Note the ongoing absence of  the two most important signifiers, ” accept ” and ” implement “.

This is Humpty Dumpty on a  heretofore megalomaniacal scale that even most Tories wouldn’t dare to attempt. Words mean precisely what the likes of Creagh say they mean,no more and no less. Recognise clearly means accept and respect means implement,obviously!

And that is why Corbyn,Starmer et al and their hobnailed acolytes and lackeys throughout the  broader labour and trades Union movement are officially calling for the UK to remain inside the Single market and The Customs Union after March 2019.

Because according to them that will recognise and respect the result of the EU Referendum when 52% voted to  “Leave ” which of course also means stay.

And now you know why I do genuinely and most fervently hate loathe and despise the EU,  all of its works and everything it stands for and the same now goes for the Labour Party.





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