And So It Goes…#917

On 22 September 2017, the UK’s Bootlicker-in-Chief to the German EU Reich, Theresa May, made a speech in Florence on the topic of the UK’s supposed previously assumed departure from the EU.

Little can be gained from recapitulating it in the same way that little would have been got from a similar exercise with the full text of Chamberlain’s squalid,miserable foray at Munich.

Suffice for him that it all came down to a shred of paper being waved on some aeroplane steps. suffice therefore for his ideological progeny and inheritor May that it is all perfunctorily recalled as if any of it mattered other than as another shameless public incidence of treason against the British People.

A year ago on this day I published my blogpost on the then current state of play of #brexit. Worth recalling. As you will read,the metropolitan neoliberal elites and their political henchmen and footpads have in effect managed to take us all back in time to before a vote was cast in the EU Referendum.


” When it comes to sheer brass-necked impudence, the 200+ Labour Party parliamentary benchwarmers that constitute the official #LabourIn campaign, take first prize.

Unmitigated Petainist trash that they are,they had and still have, as their sole political objective the continued subjugation of the British people to the diktats and tyranny of the European Union.  200+ Sediton preaching, street corner rabble rousing demagogues who tried in vain to persuade the British electorate that We somehow,were really  ” Europeans “, and that the British have a european identity or values in common with say Poland or Latvia or whomever. They might’ve well as said that a dog shares a common identity and has values in common with the fleas that infest it.

And #LabourIn ,the very heart and sinews of the campaign to maintain EU servile lackeydom, pre-planned and co-ordinated demonstrations with platform speakers such as that vile treasonable wretch Lammy inciting crowds of euro-zealots to attempt the overthrow of the UK’s constitutional government.

At the time of posting, there are still quite significant legal challenges to the Referendum result in the offing.

And given what seems to be a significant highly motivated anti-democratic upper middle class and academically elitist bias in the ranks of the #Remain zealots’ camp,no doubt we can expect further inordinately complex tactics and strategies to be launched by them against the implementation of the Will of the Sovereign British Electorate.

Though not all the news is bad for the Victorious #Brexit . Gleaned from the 19 September edition of Huffington Post :-

Labour needs to stop “sulking” about the EU referendum result and vow to end freedom of movement, one of the party’s northern heartland MPs has warned.

Jonathan Reynolds, who has represented the Greater Manchester seat of Stalybridge and Hyde since 2010, believes keeping the EU’s free movement rules in exchange for Single Market membership would be “unacceptable” to millions of Labour voters.

The Remain-campaigning Reynolds told HuffPost UK that people’s “genuine emotional concerns” about uncontrolled immigration cannot be dealt with just by pointing to reports and statistics which talk up the economic benefit of freedom of movement.

In a dig at colleagues such as Chuka Umunna who are calling for the Government to try and negotiate a compromise over freedom of movement in a Brexit deal, Reynolds said a “tweak” to the status quo “would not wash with people.”

UPDATE: Chuka Umunna: We Should Be Prepared To Sacrifice Single Market Membership To Axe Freedom Of Movement

The European Union and all  that it stands for and all of its works is merely the bacteria on the toilet seat of history. Time for some cleansing,don’t you think?

And let that be alesson to us all.


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