And So It Goes…#918

Good week, bad week.Just when things are turning out really badly, such as May’s travesty in Florence and further hindrances get thrown into the path of Brexit, along comes a glimmer of hope, a scintilla of light in the encroaching darkness.

The Federal Republic of Germany concluded its Bundestag elections the other day and my word, things really have turned out for the better!

Merkel’s governing CDU recorded it’s lowest share of the Vote since 1949 at one-third of votes cast.Her  heretofore grand-coalition partners,the Social Democrats went even deeper into the electoral mire with an all time low of just one-fifth of votes cast.

The emergent, populist, right-of-centre AfD scored a magnificent tally of just over one-eighth of votes cast.

This remarkable expression of constitutional democratic praxis immediately ignited the contrived outpouring of venom,derision,abuse,slander and defamation that,alas accompanies any worthwhile showing by populist parties anywhere across the continent of europe.

A cursory examination of various nations across western europe, for example France, Holland,the Scandinavian countries, shows an endemic historic decline in the fortunes of mainstream Socialist / Social democratic/Labour parties .

The blight currently assailing the German SPD ( the oldest and most electorally successful of all so-called Socialist/Labour parties ) ,is of singular historic significance. The SPD more than any of its “comradely” sister parties with say the exception of the socialists in Sweden. has been the prominent bulwark of post-1945 social democracy.

Its decline is to be greatly welcomed.One can only anticipate the British Labour party finally meeting its nemesis at the ballot box some time soon.

None of the aforementioned has been acknowledged let alone accepted as even remotely legitimate by the indistinguishable agglomeration of neoliberal,globalist Hydra of parties that support,run and ideologically reinforce the EU Fascist Superstate.

Even the vaguely anti-EU parties of the Left and their extra parliamentary front organisations,have been found to be totally ineffectual and organisationally impotent in opposing the EU.

The British Labour Party was holding its annual conference in Brighton when the results from Germany came was on the same day that their conference was subjected to an anti- brexit protest organised by the Greens, whose slogan for the day was ” brexit is racist! “.

History has already passed the both of them by.They just don’t know it yet.

Anyone for some Schadenfreude ?



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