And So It Goes…#919

The trouble with hornets’ nests is that the more you kick them the angrier the hornets get and if you decide that the best option once you’ve agitated the hornets is to keep on kicking their nest even harder,well ..

The Barzani led Kurdish provincial regime in Iraq has held what they’ve  asserted to be a non-binding advisory referendum on the question of Kurdish secession.

This mendacious sectarian political manoeuvre has caused a great deal of apprehension in Iraq itself but also amongst neighbouring countries including,Turkey and Iran. Turkey in particular has endured a decades long  Kurdish PKK led campaign of terrorism against the Turkish state.

Were all that not enough, the Kurdistan Question/dynamic is enveloped inside and now inextricably bound up with a quasi-regional/global conflict surrounding  ISIS/DAESH and all of its implications and possible consequences.

It is worth reiterating that Russia ,Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah are assisting the legitimate,constitutional government of Syria at that government’s request. The United States and its various NATO satrapies are in  gross violation of International Law by in effect invading Syria.

The anti-government ( largely Syrian-Kurd led ) SDF – heavily supplied and supported by the US – are in the throes of making a grab for Deir Ezzor city and province and are clashing with the Syrian Arab Army and its Russian allies amongst others. The recent targeted assassination in the field of Russian Lt.General Asapov and two of his Colonels has added yet another twist to an already volatile situation.

South Front  reported online:-

” Russia will not allow the United States as well as any other foreign power to limit an area of operations of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Syria’s Deir Ezzor province, Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov announced on  29 September

Syromolotov added that the Russian military has informed the United States about the area of the SAA operation against ISIS and will not tolerate US attempts to slow down the liquidation of terrorists in Syria.

The diplomat emphasized that the situation when some power that operates in Syria without any legitimate right attempts to limit government forces efforts to liberate their country from the terrorism is nonsense.

He also described the US-led coalition’s air campaign as questionable saying that it has led to a full-scale humanitarian crisis in Raqqah city. ”

Raqqah , the former ISIS/Daesh capital  is currently in the throes being  ” liberated ” by the SDF.

Clearly the best resolution lies with Russia ,Turkey and Iran relinquishing their petty antagonisms and isolating the US western imperialist block from all substantive future  undertakings to bring the conflict to a close.


POSTSCRIPT ( Added 30 September )

Lo,and behold the hornets’ nest just got another kicking..

South Front reports –

The Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will declare an independence of Iraqi Kurdistan unilaterally, if the Iraqi Federal Government does not enter negotiations on the terms and condictions of this move, Vahal Ali, director of communications in the office of Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani said on September 29…/


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