And So It Goes…#920

It is Monday 2 October and we’re living in the historic aftermath of the events which unfolded across Catalonia on Sunday  1 October. Needless to say,( but we’re going to say it anyhow ) all of which could quite easily have been avoided.

Social media erupted as social media is wont to do in comparison to the ailing corporate MSM, which spun the events as ” clashes between..” and carried calls from the EU and its compliant commentariat for  ” both sides ” to ” de-escalate “.

The good thing is that corporate MSM no longer controls and directs the narrative nor the ensuing discourse as certainly or competently as it once did pre-social media.

The plethora of on-line video footage laid bare the capricious and often brutal behaviour of the  Spanish Guardia Civil toward citizens of Barcelona and elsewhere in Catalunya going about their lawful business in wishing to exercise their inalienable democratic rights.

Globalist neoliberal Ruling elites all across the continent of Europe are getting seriously pissed off with their recalcitrant electorates.

First with #brexit ( more of which later in this post ) ,then with the excellent showing of the Freedom Party in Austria, Geert Wilders in Holland ,LePen in France and just the other week, the AfD in Germany. Each in turn has been characterised ( slandered and defamed ) by their electoral opponents as being the veritable nemesis of western civilisation and the destroyers of PC mutliculturalism ( which of course to that degree they earnestly aspire ).

Only the ideological progeny of Franco and inheritors of his soiled mantle, the Rajoy Regime in Madrid, has proven thus far to be intemperate and politically illiterate in addressing the challenge from the people against the neoliberal Authoritarian State.

Here in the UK on Sunday, at about the same time as many tens of thousands of law abiding Catalonians were being subjected to the armed violence of the State , the anti – #brexit front organisation  ” Stop Brexit ” was holding a demonstration in Manchester where the Concservative Party conference was taking place.

The UK domiciled fraction of the cosmopolitan ruling elite learned long ago to use subtler methods when going about annulling the expressed democratic will of the British people.

They have the Labour Party and its lapdog trade unionist leadership entourage, the Conservative Party,LibDems,Greens, and virtually all the non-parliamentary Left to call on and those parties don’t wear jackboots ,use batons or rubber bullets.

But the intended outcome of those parties’ propaganda- weaponised command and control of the narrative,its interpretation and subsequent discourse- for the people is exactly the same. They want Brexit annulled,just as surely as ” they ” want the Catalan referendum annulled.

Though whether ” they ” necesssarliy  ” win ” any argument in particular with whatever methodology they choose to deploy on given day in any given situation ; that, it seems, is still open to question.

On Sunday 1 October 2017 ” their ” mask slipped. The EU and all that it stands for and all its mainstream Parties supporters were nowhere to be seen.

The struggle continues.

Hail Brexit,Hail The Peoples’ Victory!


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