And So It Goes…#921

How to light the blue touchpaper in one easy lesson and what to do once its lit.

That just about sums up the entire Catalan independence imbroglio.

Following the recent catastrophic events in Catalunya, where the rest of the world was witness to the most nauseating scenes of Authoritarian-State depravity committed on the continent of Europe since WW2 ; events have taken a turn for the worse.If indeed such a thing were ever possible,then the Spanish State with King Felipe to the fore have achieved this nigh on impossible feat.

The Catalan Regional Parliament’s scheduled session for Monday 9 October 2017 has been suspended by the Spanish Constitutional Court.To say that this has caused widespread consternation is to state the all too obvious.

But one needs to restate that now, in case at some future point in an as yet unwritten future scenario some Power redacts or alters the facts of this particular matter.And given the current direction of travel of the European Union and its constituent quasi-national satrapies, I wouldn’t be too surprised at such an eventuality occurring.

With heretofore unimaginable courage and audacity the elected regionalist representatives advocating a free and independent sovereign nation state of Catalunya have taken the initiative in the war against the neoliberal/globalist ruling elites and their European Union.

According to latest MSM reports, the Catalan Parliament intends going ahead with its scheduled session on Monday 9 October. It is also highly likely that they will discuss and debate and perhaps even vote on the issue of a Declaration of Independence for Catalunya.

By suspending the Catalan Parliamentary session, the Spanish Constitutional Court has  not only automatically de-legitimised the Rajoy government’s own authority; it has left the supporters of a unified spanish state inside the EU hanging in a morally indefensible  anti-democratic limbo. And all the apparatus of the EU superstate and all the EU’s kowtowing bootlickers such as the UK’s three major parties, will be  unable to put this particular humpty-dumpty back together again.

Long Live The Catalan People! Long Live Catalunya!!



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