And So It Goes…#923

Either blatant crass stupidity or an inability to engage with,read and comprehend written english as regards Article 50 is having a widespread debilitating effect on the legions of Remoaner,metropolitan elitist,seditionist EU shills.

Their OCD driven campaign to sabotage,stop and annul the UK’s withdrawal from the EU aka Brexit, has clearly impaired the Remoaners’ cognitive functions to such a degree that they have all reverted to some pre-industrial primitivism where thaumaturgy and vocal appeals into the ether have substituted themselves for human intellectual reason.

And that is cause enough to celebrate the cathartic benefits, to the rest of us in civilised human society,of Schadenfreude!

Parliament was scheduled to undertake serious and grown up scrutiny and debate related to the ineluctable passage of the EU Withdrawal Bill.These proceedings has now been delayed due the submission of an unprecedented and inordinate amount of proposed amendments and putative additional clauses to the original legislation.

Not that any of it effects the assigned due date for the UK’s termination of EU-Serfdom and satrapyhood -March 29 2019.

The European Union and its various democratically nebulous institutions,Council,Parliament  et al are themselves struggling pitifully under a burden of bureaucratic and legalistic flim-flammery which only abject citizens born under the yoke of the precepts and practices of the wholly alien and absurdist Code Napoleon could possibly endure.

None of which effects the implementation of Article 50.

Michel Barnier, the EU’s putative chief negotiator is clearly labouring under the illusion that by rigidly sticking to his masters’ formula for conducting the withdrawal negotiations,that somehow this will impair,dissuade or discourage the UK government to such a degree that Brexit will to all intents and purposes never take place.

Again,this is the very best news that Brexiteers could possibly have.

The EU’s insistence that the issues of ” a divorce settlement “, EU citizens rights in the UK post- brexit and the future status of the Northern Ireland /Republic of Ireland’s border arrangements are ALL to be settled to the EU’s satisfaction prior to any trade negotiations commencing with the UK; is of course to be embraced!

For whom the bell tolls.It tolls for the EU.


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