And So It Goes…#924

The Great War of 1914-18 didn’t end with the Armistice of 1918.

Neither did it end after  WW2, (the 1939-45 resumption of the Great War) was itself concluded.

All the subsequent divisions and animosities remain as unresolved today as they were post-1918 and 1945.

And that applies equally to ” lesser ” localised / regional conflicts that were tributaries to the main show.


At present,the main military conflict involving ISIS/Daesh appears to be hobbling toward some semblance of a cessation on the battlefields and in areas of civilian habitation across Iraq and Syria.

This is now appears to be the least of the existential dilemmas facing the region.

Iran ,Iraq and Turkey have reacted to the burgeoning unrest incited by the Kurdish regional regime’s referendum on Kurdish independence by ways and means of a military response and diplomacy couched in terms of threats of economic sanctions.

Not that those three sovereign nation states are somehow necessarily acting in an unjust or reckless manner but rather in a timely and prudent manner in order to head off an even greater existential calamity withing the region.

The reckless, venal posturing of the US and its NATO /EU satrapies has provided the accelerant to this conflagration and will continue to provide it for all the conflicts yet to arise out of the present one unfolding today.

The post-Cold War era of the unipolar global hegemony of the US is over, it’s just that the Washington neocons haven’t come to terms with it yet.Perhaps they never will.

Ascribing some ephemeral,inherent moral virtue or superiority unique to one side among all the many sides, adds only another drop of accelerant to the impending conflagration.

Russia,Iran,Turkey and China all seem able to grasp this irrefutable aspect of Realpolitik and so go about dealing with ultimately intractable problems in a reasonable and realistic manner.

On the other hand the US and its deluded liberal satrapies endlessly conjecture and habitually resort to megalomaniacal levels of violence and intimidation against all those nation states who disagree with washington’s globalist worldview.

Kurdistan or rather its contemporary facsimile is the tumbleweed that’s now getting blown about by the winds of change.Ancient genealogies and arcane vendettas are asserting their malign influence on a historic process that could,if all major parties were so minded be resolved- for however long  or short a span of time – a la Berlin 1884 or Vienna 1815.

Let’s not hold our breath.



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