And So It Goes…#925

Just 72 hours on from Sunday October 15th’s Austrian parliamentary elections and confidence and optimism for the future abounds.

It was a case of a lot more than just the ” Subterranean Homesick Blues ” for Austria’s once pre-eminent Socialist party. Blue being the party colours of the Freiheitliche Partei who came within one seat of replacing the obsolescent SPO as Heimat’s second party.

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. It’s blowing from the Right. Or rather more accurately from a rejuvenating populist mood that is being harnessed by forces once described in now moribund Cold War terms as being on the Right.

The complete elimination from  Austria’s Nationalrat  of the irksome Greens provided an additional doubleplus feelgood factor to the awaited ascension to the Chancellorship of Sebastian Kurz.

The decrepit and increasingly dysfunctional European Union and its many and varied illegitimate and egregiously authoritarian institutions has been by a volley of damaging bodyshots from Elections all across its once supinely conformist satrapies since 2016.

Once again people are awakening to the prospects of a brighter sovereign future,albeit at a pace that still significantly hobbles their desires and longings for a speedy demise of the EU.

The UK’s 23 June referendum put a flame to the trail of gunpowder.

The Netherlands and France saw not only a good increase of electoral support for the policies of Geert Wilders and Marine LePen, but it also signalled the accelerating historic demise of their respective Labour /Socialist parties and the burgeoning electoral irrelevance of other,what were once called  “Left ” forces.

The Left have signally failed to engage with and align themselves to the sea change in the popular mood against the neoliberal /globalist EU and for a re-establishment of nation states.

The German Bundestag elections hammered this crucial point firmly home.Out of nowhere the AfD scored a 1/8th share of the national vote and the antedeluvian SPD suffered its biggest slump ever.

And so we come back to Austria,to heimat.

Once the dust has settled , no doubt as with #brexit and the 52% who voted for it,the EU will  get around to instigating and promoting its usual hallmark campaign of insidious slander and defamation against Austria’s politicians and against Austria itself just as they’re doing already against the UK.

No retreat, no surrender.



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