And So It Goes…#926

Arch-bootlicker and Kowtowing Toady-in-Chief to the EU, Theresa May is at present sojourning in Brussels.

We know this to be the case as the Corporate MSM is currently reporting on the prevailing status of Brexit negotiations.

The term ” negotiations ” is purely an arbitrary one that’s used for ease of reference. Imbroglio is nearer the mark.

Various pro and anti – brexit factional interests are in the throes of vying over the putative content of the much vaunted ” deal ” that might or might not be struck between the UK and the 27  remaining satrapies governing the former’s exit from the EU.

And yet, despite the EU’s very best propagandistic endeavours and the hundreds of millions spent on multimedia platform campaigns to persuade the British people otherwise, Brexit remains intact and the UK’s impending departure from satrapydom is secure for the end of March 2019.

It is that straightforward. The Labour sponsored front organisation ” The 3 Million ” can whine and stamp its tiny feet and repeatedly chuck its toys from the pram as much it wants; nothing alters. We are leaving.

The Maastricht Treaty 1992 -which was never approved by the UK electorate- created the egregious legal fiction of ” Citizen of the EU “. Just how you can be a citizen of a non-nation is itself a bizarre a notion as the human intellect could ever possibly have to deal with.

Nevertheless the EU created and our supine,spineless Parliament agreed to accept  this legal impossibility a la Lewis Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty ” Words mean precisely what i want them to mean..”  And ever since the EU Citizens were conjured into faux-existence,these cozening wretches have been going around slitting their morally superior consciences and bleeding them all over the rest of us.

Our contrite supplicant of a PM, has now gone along with this idiocy and caved in to this alien agitators’ charter thus ceding a significant advantage to the EU side in the so-called negotiating process.Just how much more else she will hand over without a murmur before the end of March 2019 is open to strenuous conjecture. Quite a lot, one imagines.

So,on with the motley!



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