And So It Goes…#927

How much better can this really get?

Three days ago the general election in the Czech republic (Czechia) saw maverick billionaire Babis’ ANO party come out on top with 30% of the vote. Generally, anti-EU, anti- mass immigration oriented parties made a strong showing.None of which is in the slightest bit good news for the European Union.

In Italy,the following day, two Northern League run provinces,Lombardy and Venetto held non-binding,advisory referendums on the question of seeking greater economic autonomy from Rome for those regions. The results were on the whole surprising and heartening to the proponents of greater regional autonomy.

The situation in Catalonia continues to deteriorate with the Rajoy administration in Madrid resorting to so-called constitutional powers,contained in their Article 155,to stymie the burgeoning and spontaneous pressure for Catalan independence.

The Bundestag in Germany has assembled for the first time since the AfD’s spectacular gains and the SPD’s historic reversals, and Merkel’s putative coalition talks aren’t expected to be resolved for some weeks yet to come.

In Austria the new Chancellor Kurz reckons it’ll be December before agoverning coalition between his OVP and the FPO will be up and running.

Throw in the rapidly disintegrating talks on the UK’s withdrawal in March 2019 from the EU and what confronts the globalist tyrants in Brussels isn’t just some everyday problems but rather the labour of Sisyphus.

And we all know how that particular story in Greek mythology ended.

Schadenfreude , however is a German word.


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