And So It Goes…#929

Sclerosis -rigidity,the inability to adapt.

It is four weeks since the constitutionally legitimate Catalan regional government conducted its referendum on the question of independence from the Spanish state on October 1st.

Four weeks on, Carles Puigdemont the Catalan President faces the possibility of being arraigned by Spain’s public prosecutor on charges of rebellion.Other elected members of the Catalan Assembly might also face similar charges.

These are prominent amongst the sombre notes being struck in a mounting cacophony of death knells sounding out across Europe announcing the temporal demise of the EU globalist tyranny.

The post- Francoist federal Spanish state has proven to be just as institutionally,politically and diplomatically sclerotic as its European Union mothership of whom it is the merest vassal.

Any reasonably adept political leadership, skilled in the arts of statecraft and the exigencies of realpolitik could have and would have negotiated a way out of the Catalan imbroglio before it had deteriorated to the state of it being such a quagmire as at present.

The Rajoy administration in Madrid  is wholly incapable of overcoming, let alone partially resolving, its ingrained incompetence,hubris and stupidity.

Equally so the so-called European Union that was never intended to actually function as some kind of legitimate ueber-democracy.Hand wringing and the expression of vacuous platitudes and otiose cant long ago replaced actual Bismarckian/Bonapartist/Machiavellian purpose and intent.

And so we are  stuck in the realm of quasi-idiots who utter inane drivel and all  of whom want to enjoy an aspirational petty bourgeois lifestyle without wishing to deal with let alone encountering the vicissitudes of dialectical and historical materialism.

So far, at least, no-one has been tortured or shot over the Catalonia Affair.

Though quite what a public trial and all that will inevitably entail with the political mass media martyrdom of Puigdemont and his confederates is likely to achieve is at this stage unimaginable.

It is not something the Pendejos of Madrid quite had in mind when they put on their stupid tricorn hats and struck their venal poses in front of their mirror on a morning trying to convince themselves just how tough they were.



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