And So It Goes…#930

Another day,another Islamic terrorist outrage.

This time it’s the turn of New York City to have a fanatic drive a truck into crowds of innocent bystanders going about their daily lives.

The Police managed to apprehend the perpetrator who the neocon warmonger Senator for Arizona John McCain called for to be treated as an enemy combatant.

McCain was of course being his usual odious cynical machiavellian self.Given the US neocon interventionist agenda and use of Al Qaeda and ISIS/DAESH as surrogates in their regime change skulduggery in Syria and elsewhere.

The Washington based Institute for the Study of War, ISW prior to this latest outrage had shared:-

” ISW’s in September: ISIS is waging a social and informational campaign targeting populations in the West. ”   A view, the perp Saipov ,confirmed willingly of his own volition from the hospital where he is currently receiving medical attention following his arrest at the scene.

What then needs to be done to counter and eliminate the Islamic terrorist threat,if indeed the ruling elites and their political class in the western democracies really want to achieve such an objective?

Amongst the many and continuing terrorist outrages that assail us here in the west, the Manchester Arena bombing on May 22 led to more than the usual expected outpouring of otiose cant and vacuous platitudes.

Former high-ranking Scotland Yard official Tarique Ghaffur gave a warning that the UK faced an “unprecedented terrorist threat”,  and that mass incarceration was needed to prevent future attacks because there were too many potential terrorists for security services to monitor.

His demand that thousands of suspected extremists should be detained in internment camps highlighted the latest national security assessment from MI5,  who suspect 23,000 of being Islamist extremists, of whom 3,000 are still considered a threat.

And still the authorities refuse to act.

Assuming of course that the likes of Senator McCain actually would ever want them to.


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