And So It Goes…#933

Remoaner metropolitan elitists are nothing if not brazen and calculating beyond the bounds of cyncism.

Their latest wheeze is to announce as loudly and screechingly as possible from within the confines of their own straitjackets, the egregiously moronic supposition that Article 50 can be reversed and or withdrawn.

For the excessively pig ignorant and monumentally indifferent , this snippet gleaned from The Daily Telegraph:-

Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon gives any EU member the right to quit unilaterally, and outlines the procedure for doing so. It gives the leaving country two years to negotiate an exit deal and once it’s set in motion it can’t be stopped except by unanimous consent of all member states.

The putative auteur of this Bonapartist shyster-speak sits in the British House of Lords and goes under the moniker Lord Kerr.

(Wayne) Kerr’s forthright criticism of the ailing May regime’s pronouncements on EU withdrawal, as being lies certainly lit up an otherwise dull morning across the vast echo chamber of MSM and social media.

For all their many faults and failings, the minority Tory regime has not uttered any falsehoods regarding the implementation of Article 50.

What the harbinger of this latest twisted Remoaner psychodrama is actually saying is that the government of the United Kingdom must declare the EU Referendum held on June 23 2016,null and void.That’s how you terminate the Article 50 proceedings.

Prominent Remain OCD sufferers,such as Chuka Umunna ,Keir Starmer and Mary Creagh will be getting themselves so excited they’ll end up doing what they’ve been doing on the Voters in their constituencies except this time only their beds will be getting wet and someone’ll have to fetch the Nurse.


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