And So It Goes…#934

On Friday 13,November 2015 this happened in Paris (  gleaned from Reuter’s online ).

NOVEMBER 14, 2015 / 12:06 AM / 2 YEARS AGO

France in shock after Islamist attacks kill 129

 PARIS (Reuters) – French prosecutors said on Saturday that three coordinated teams of gunmen and suicide bombers carried out a wave of attacks across Paris that killed 129 people in what President Francois Hollande called an “act of war” by Islamic State.
Two years on and ISIS/DAESH  inspired/instigated Islamic Terrorism still runs rampant across western europe.
Two years on and a BBC News investigation uncovers the previously secret deal between ISIS/DAESH and the US /NATO led  Syrian Democratic Forces.
An agreement allowing some 250 battle hardened islamic fanatics,their families and a 6 kilometers long truck convoy of weapons & sundry logistics to depart the city of Raqqa unmolested .
The day after the BBC News’ journalistic coup is the news across MSM and social media platforms,what does tottering UK Prime Minister May choose to do?
That’s right, launch an unbridled bellicose tirade against Russia and Putin’s foreign policy.
Not the wisest, let alone most strategically savvy diplomatic thing any leader can do given the prevailing circumstances.
MI5 estimate, at least in public , that there are some 23,000 islamic extremists active within the UK of whom they consider 3,000 to pose an immediate threat.
And so Machiavelli May and her indolent,tawdry regime expend their energies to conspire with the other subservient satrapies of the Teutonic European Union in imposing,at the behest of their US masters, unlawful sanctions against named individual Russian citizens and organisations.
Supposedly in connection with Russia’s actions regarding the existential crisis in the Crimea or some such peripheral matter of interest to the western kleptocracies.
In May’s partially paralysed mind all the aforementioned is  of a far greater and more urgent priority than the on going imbroglio ( or should that be farrago ) that is Syria.
Where the US and its european NATO satrapies embeded their armed forces on Syrian sovereign territory to bolster and maintain the anti-government Syrian Democratic Forces in contravention to accepted International Law.
As in fact did NATO member Turkey; but their in-theatre confederates are in active competition with the SDF.
And both those US/NATO backed lumpen aggregations of armed rabble are vying with ISIS/DAESH as well as the legitimate sovereign government of Syria and its international allies.
The city of Raqqa utterly flattened by US/NATO air force bombing, was subsequently faux-liberated by the SDF and the western MSM cheered it to the rafters!
And now we know why the SDF managed to stroll relatively unmolested into what had served as the ISIS/DAESH capital.
It’s also worth noting, as if any of this actually mattered,that the US insists that it is inside Syria in accordance with International Law.
Good luck with that!

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