And So It Goes…#935

The following was gleaned from twitter –

Discussed with PM the calendar of talks. Only if UK makes progress by early December, will I be ready to propose new guidelines on transition and future relations at December .

The current UK withdrawal negotiations with the EU are predicated on three points being met before any negotiations on the future trading relations between the UK and EU can commence.

These three points relate to the status,( some might argue legally bogus in any event,but in the interests of brevity we’ll let that pass for now,) of EU citizens sojourning in the UK; the status of the Irish border post-brexit and more substantially,the amount demanded by the EU as a ” financial settlement ” aka ” Divorce Bill ” in tabloid speak.

Tusk is to all intents and purposes a jumped up, strutting,venal,little tinpot fleamarket Pilsudski who has the audacity to be telling the UK what the EU expects from us!

And he’s being allowed to get away with it pretty much in the same way as the EU as a whole has been getting away with it’s treatment of and behaviour toward us for the past 45 years.

Tusk is President of what is officially designated the European Council.The European Council Presidency is one of five such presidencies within the EU. There is also President of the European Commission;currently held by a former wine salesman from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.Then there is the Presidency of the European Parliament that has a mafioso politician from Italy in its seat.Then there is the Presidency of the European Central Bank; run by another corrupt goombah,greaseball guinea. And finally there is the six-monthly rotating EU Presidency that allows peripheral Teutonic satrapies such as Croatia and Latvia to wallow in the delusion that their homeland actually counts for a little more than nothing in the vast EU scheme of things.

And to this menagerie May is making us kowtow and pay respect to.



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