And So It Goes…#936

Even in the depths of our uttermost despair,the faint rays of hope still flicker..

Several weeks have now passed since Merkel’s ruling CDU/CSU regime suffered a significant reversal of fortune at the German Bundestag elections.

That damage was primarily inflicted by the emergence of the AfD who smashed their way into national federal contention with 12% of votes cast and the concomitant losses of the SPD who plummeted to a post-1945 electoral nadir.

All this left Frau Merkel floundering at a disadvantage in a morass of political,factional horse trading that was supposed to lead to the formation of a new and dynamically unstable governing coalition.Which the newly reinvigorated FDP then proceeded to spectacularly torpedo with all the acumen and elan of a U-Boot menacing a hospital ship.

For all the deserved vituperative mockery heaped on hapless,spineless ,creedless May for her doldrumesque clarion calls for a strong and stable government; Merkel careered spectacularly into the same briar patch with all the alacrity of a Panzer blasted off its caterpillar tracks.

Which is all rather fortuitous for the prospects of the Brexit negotiations,assuming of course that May’s failed pantomime troupe actually do manage something more vigorous in their approach than a white flag as has been the case thus far.

Still,Merkel sinking and the Teutons floundering do send a welcome shudder of Schadenfreude throughout the spectating multitudes.


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