And So It Goes…#939

It’s really hard trying to keep a ” straight face “, whenever something otherwise minor and insignificant gets shoved to the top of the MSM agenda for the day.

President Trump retweeted links to some highly contentious video content which purported to show certain egregious acts perpetrated by islamic extremists.

Of and by themselves the video footage are not particularly informative and are singularly devoid of any semblance of gravitas and credibility.

Apparently Sharks have the ability to sense 1 globule of blood amid 25 million globules of water. It took no time at all for the full panoply of Corporate MSM and every social media platform under the sun to join in the feeding frenzy over what charitably might be described as the President’s gaffe.

What exacerbated the whole incident was that Trump directed his initial tweet at the UK Prime Minister,after having initially tweeted the wrong Theresa May.There followed,quite naturally a response and of course POTUS then sent a rejoinder tweet.

It might be instructive at this juncture to note,perhaps even to make a not entirely attenuated historical analogy, that in 1913 ,the Daily Telegraph , in the midst of a persisting Anglo-German diplomatic hiatus, published an unexpurgated interview with Kaiser Wilhelm in which he was invited to give his considered opinions and insights into the British people. Oh boy…

These current miscreant videos and their tendentious content originated from a microscopically tiny,politically utterly peripheral and impotent cult like grouping with the adopted grandiose moniker of ” Britain First “. Which of course elevates the entire imbroglio to unwarranted and undeserved heights of quasi-relevance.

Our nation’s Intelligence and Security Services and their ten a penny agents provocateur harvested from the anonymous remnants of the likes of the BNP have provided us all with a hugely specious divertissement for which, I’m sure they will not be held to account.


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