And So It Goes…#940

Both nominally ” Left ” and  ” Right ” have spent decades progressively infantilising political discourse.

With few exceptions, mainstream political parties and a significant swathe of extra-parliamentary fringe groups have embraced and conformed themselves to the prevailing hegemony of Politically Correct,globalist metropolitan elitist thought and all that entails.

Daily life in civil society is awash with the sacrosanct shibboleths of -isms.A veritable faux-litany of ” gender ” and ” race ” has metastasized across western democratic nations.

Otiose cant and vacuous platitudes are the default responses of the metropolitan-domiciled cultural/political elites and these twins of evil are again rearing their foul ugly heads.

Brexit, aka the stumbling ,fumbling half-witted series  of impotent actions undertaken by HMG to enact the Will of the Sovereign Electorate on the matter of withdrawal of the UK from its bondage and servitude under the EU,is one such quasi-permanent target; the other is President of the US,Donald Trump.

As of December 4 2017, the putative visit of POTUS to the UK is being pencilled-in and underlined and magic-marked,no doubt in technicolour green ink,  for a Leftist/Liberal Pro-Islamic terrorist ” mass ” demonstration of disapproval.

And that’s only the next instalment.

Stay tuned for more…


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