And so It Goes…#941

Alzheimer’s is a truly terrifying disease.Its most egregious manifestation is in the manner it destroys a person’s ability and capacity to remember. Paradoxically the disease wipes out memories of who a person talking to them is and the events of the previous day for example; but you might be able to recall perfectly an incident or event from decades ago as if it were current.

I only share this about Alzheimer’s in order to get a handle on the not entirely dissimilar inability of the Labour Party to recall what earth shattering democratic event occurred on June 23 2016.Though leading seditionist Labour antidemocratic hellions such as Starmer,Umunna,Corbett, Lammy,Creagh etc. all fail to recognise and acknowledge as equals those who they routinely verbally abuse when disparaging the 17.4 million fellow UK citizens who as the majority,voted for #brexit.

Gleaned from Guido Fawkes online ,

” Keir Starmer says the UK should leave open the option of staying in the single market and customs union. 18 months have passed since we voted to Leave and still Labour haven’t progressed from here. Labour’s position means continuing freedom of movement.”   They conclude their snippet with the rather droll observation that-  ” It is not Brexit”

The aforementioned quotation was uttered and recorded on December 5 2017. Perhaps in Keir Starmer’s idiolect his painfully Humpty-Dumpty style usage of otiose terms such single-market,customs union,freedom of movement have some special nostalgic significance attached to the chimera of a world that ceased to exist for him on June 23 2016.

It’s either that or he’s just one of  many thoroughly malevolent,cynically manipulative,disingenuous metropolitan elitist demagogues who wish to ensure that the peoples of the UK never ever enjoy sovereign independence again.


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