And So It Goes…#942

The Referendum on whether the UK would choose to Remain within or choose to Leave the European Union was ineluctably flawed from its inception. Parliament voted to undertake to accept and implement the referendum’s verdict whichever way the vote went.Of course,why wouldn’t they?

Except that nobody in the hallowed corridors of Westminster and Whitehall,not a single MP or civil servant nor any of their expert advisors had given the slightest passing thought nor consideration to the EURef. coming out with the verdict in favour of Leave. Nobody.

Great events in History that mark a sea change in the fortune and destinies of Peoples and Nations tend to manifest themselves and occur more often through mis-steps and fortuitous accidents than meticulous planning,organisation and disciplined execution.

The least mistake ridden,the least error prone, the least incompetent and idle of any given set of contending and mutually irreconcilable parties tends to be favoured by the driving,determining forces of Historical development.

In the wake of the preposterous announcements of a breakthrough in the Brexit negotiations,the last few days have seen a Comedy of errors parlayed into an farce of operatic proportions.

The insidiously venal and ideologically corrupt Remain campaign run by #Labour aka #LabourIn re-emerged as the more robust amongst the plethora of contending and lacklustre combatants simply because of the inexcusable insincerity and errant stupidity of the useless UK government in its conduct of our side of the withdrawal negotiations.

No doubt other historically significant movements and events that have shaped and informed our Great Nation such as The Reformation,the English revolutionary aka Civil War,the Chartists and so forth endured similar dilemmas and encountered painful vicissitudes.

One thing remains certain; come April 2019,Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty will have run its course. We shall be free again.

That is of course unless all 27 constituent national parliaments and the faux-EU parliament happen to agree unanimously to extending the time allowed under Article 50.

Make mine a Schadenfreude, shaken not stirred.


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