And So It Goes…#943

If nothing else, they are at least consistent and persistent. The following is gleaned from online media sites.

” The European Union’s 27 remaining leaders have just voted unanimously to start the second phase of the Brexit negotiations with the U.K., meaning that discussions on a transition period are likely to start in the coming weeks. The two sides will begin work on the outlines of a trade deal after a summit in March.

After endorsing the European Commission’s assessment from a week ago that U.K. and EU negotiators had made “sufficient progress” on priority separation issues, the leaders will publish a set of guidelines. to direct negotiators over the coming months.

The commission is planning to unveil a more detailed position on the transition period on Wednesday, with the 27 governments scheduled to formally approve it at a meeting on Jan. 29. It will then be up to the U.K. to decide whether to accept the proposal wholesale or try to negotiate.

Officials say it will resemble EU membership but without the U.K. having a voice in the bloc’s decision-making. It’s likely to be limited to two years “.

Got that have we? March 2018 for the start of preparatory waffle and cant on trade preceded by an agreed transition period prior to the aforementioned part on trade talks.

Is that,strictly speaking a non-sequitur? Sure seems like it from where we’re listening/reading/viewing or otherwise consuming this official EU news.

Which is to say the least odd,but not in a good way. After all, whatever the outcome or however far we’ve got during the time limited Article 50 period,that’s it folks,we’re done,gone and left.There will be no more time.That’s what Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty says.

It’s a measure of the political cowardice and charlatanry of the metropolitan elites that they continue on as if the referendum n a) Never took place or  b) Gave a verdict other than the one it did.

Patience is a virtue,but alas the EU has outlawed virtue.



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