And So It Goes…#944

From the pages of History comes a warning.

Europe issues Haider ultimatum to Austria


European Union members entered uncharted political waters last night by threatening to boycott Austria if Jörg Haider’s far-right Freedom party joins a new government.Portugal, the current holder of the EU’s rotating presidency, issued an unprecedented statement saying that all member states, with the obvious exception of Austria, would refuse all bilateral contacts with Vienna if that happened.


The members also served notice they they would not back any Austrian candidate seeking a position with an international body.

17 years on and the tyrannical authoritarian Superstate continues its swaggering,hubristic,venal practices as if nothing has changed or is ever likely to change in the world at large.

It has bullied and coerced member states, Denmark and Ireland, to re-run democratic national plebiscites that delivered democratic verdicts against the interests of the EU. In other instances,such as France and Holland, the EU has simply chosen to ignore results of inconvenient plebiscites.

Austria in 2000 was subjected to a EU instigated and led unparalleled international campaign of slander and denunciation that violated its national sovereignty.

At the present time it is Hungary and Poland that have been targeted by the EU for special treatment.The EU arrogates to itself a right to interfere in the domestic political discourse and decision making of member states as and when it chooses to do so.Apparently the EU does not like the tenor of the debate over attempts to reform the method of senior judicial appointments and the supreme courts either in Poland or Hungary.

And if the UK wasn’t the size it is,it would long since have been bullied into submission over its already floundering effort at #brexit.

The EU is mortally wounded and dying a slow,lingering death.The accompanying Wagnerian cacophony seems designed to add some faux-gravitas to the sorry business of its own squalid demise.

Former EU parliament President Schulz ,now leader of the ailing and electorally crippled German SPD characterised the formation of Austria’s new government in conjunction with Hungary’s Orban led government as a return of the Hapsburg Monarchy. Which he meant in a disparaging way but one that has no contemporary resonance.

What is true, is that the Visegrad 4 grouping of Hungary,Poland ,Slovakia and Czechia/Czech republic now have a natural ally in Vienna which makes it exceedingly problematic for the predominant neoliberal/globalist cliques to resort to anything as ruthless as they once could with impunity.

The UK  au contraire ought really to be banging on the table and throwing its actual global diplomatic weight around in Brussels.If only we had the perspicacity of the Austrians.


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