And So It Goes…#949

As the EU Withdrawal Bill grinds ineluctably on through the parliamentary process,and the actual,irrevocable date of the UK’s departure from the thrall of the european union – March 29,2019 draws ever nearer, it’s worth recounting some of the more egregious depredations of the aforementioned Teutonic Empire and its satrapies.

Cognoscenti of this blog will recognise the following lifted in its entirety from A.S.I.G. #868 of May 4 2017.

It ought act as an antidote to the Remoaner / reluctant Leave poison being imbibed by all and sundry during this period preceding full and final exit from the clutches of the e.u.

The historically moribund European Union  can be viewed as a sleazy,corrupt,kleptocratic hellhole of outright fraud and embezzlement. Amid all the venal hubristic posturing surrounding #Brexit ,once all the vacuous platitudes have been aired and philosophical points have been examined it all comes back down to money.Who pays what to whom and for what and how long for. The current article from the euro observer is particularly instructive on this matter :-

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, in exchange for their access to the EU single market, fund initiatives aimed at reducing social and economic disparities in poorer EU member states.


Hungary and Poland risk losing €1bn in Norway aid row

  • Girl visiting the Museum on Wheels, a mobile educational exhibition presenting the history and culture of Polish Jews. The exhibition travelled around Poland as part of an EEA grants funded project. (Photo: EEA and Norway grants)

Efforts by Hungary and Poland to control funds directed to NGOs are blocking negotiations over the renewal of a €1 billion Norwegian scheme to support civil society.

The Central European governments want to take funds from organisations supporting women, gay people and the homeless, among others.

Norway has refused to give in to such demands, meaning that negotiations are stuck.

“The situation is very unclear. In the worst case, the whole support scheme could be blocked,” said Vera Mora from the NGO Okotars, which administered the last Norway grant scheme in Hungary.

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, in exchange for their access to the EU single market, fund initiatives aimed at reducing social and economic disparities in poorer EU member states.

Norway is by far the biggest donor of the so-called EEA funds, doling out some 96 percent of the money.

Poland is the largest beneficiary, followed by Romania and Hungary.

Under the next scheme, which runs until 2021, Poland stands to receive €809 million, Hungary €215 million.

The funds cover some shortfalls in healthcare budgets and help companies to adopt green technologies. They pay for the upkeep of cultural heritage sites and fund research projects.

Roughly 10 percent of the cash is dedicated to independent support of civic society, a mandatory part of programme.

In Poland, the Law and Justice (PiS) government has formally announced that it would like the money to be channelled through a government body – although they have yet to establish the body.

And that is outrageous! especially given that a strand of contentious opinion on #Brexit recommends that the UK go the EEA route to maintaining Single market access once we have actually exited the EU !!

As a rule of thumb, the further east and south you go across the continent of europe the greater the incidence of systemic corruption within EU member states.

The scale of it beggars rational belief.It makes the Danegeld tribute paid by 10th.Century  English Kings to keep the foreign invaders quiet seem like spare pocket change.

Brexit needs to be done asap, no further negotiations whatsoever, no compromise transitional EEA membership.



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