And So It Goes..#952

(This was originally posted ASIG 24 January 2016) It appears that nothing has changed in the EU.

By 1945 ,even the most ardent Nazi fanatic  realised that the game was up.

Shortly after the War ,those leading figures who had escaped the Noose ,such as Speer claimed to have opposed Hitler’s policy against the Jews and had in fact begun plotting to overthrow Hitler himself ! Yeah ,right ,whatever.

The original Nazi inspired  ” dream ” of a European Union , ( yes it really was theirs first ) is even now going the way of the Third Reich.

And what is clearly hastening its cataclysmic demise is the shibboleth ” freedom of movement of labour. ” A horrendously stupid and worthless idea let alone sentiment,but there they go getting all multiculti as if it was somehow intrinsically  ” better ” or more ” worthy ” or expressed some innate,deep positive human condition. It never did.

The make-belief ” left ” as much as the make-belief ” right ” have jointly wasted the past 70 years arguing the wrong question. And the smug ,kleptocratic Ruling Elites have profited from exploiting this divisive non-sequitur to the max. writing in the Daily Torynoncegraph  on January 24,2016  Executive Chairman of Capital Economics ,Roger Bootle sums it up thus :- ( pay attention ,this is a capitalist telling you how the real version of The Big Con functions )

But the world has changed. The manufacture and trading of goods has become a smaller part of our GDP, while tariff barriers have come down dramatically around the world. The free movement of labour is now the most important of the three freedoms – and it poses serious issues for the EU.

It has become so important because of two major factors: first, the huge expansion of the EU to the east, including countries with much lower standards of living, whose people, therefore, have a strong economic incentive to move; second, the mass of people outside the union who want to get in.

The onrush of people from outside is due to the breaking down of states in the Middle East and Africa, the increased allure of the life apparently on offer in the EU, and the inexorable rise in the populations of these regions.

Over the next few decades, the population of Africa and the Middle East is set to soar.

As a result, today’s migration issue isn’t about the allocation of resources; it isn’t even primarily about economics at all. It is about the ability and willingness of people, cultures and institutions to absorb large numbers of people from the outside, often with very different values, beliefs and traditions.

What is the answer?

Clearly although the Ruling Elites could all comfortably relocate en masse to the Cayman Islands and no-one would notice ,they aren’t searching for an answer right now or ever. To all those who have never experienced it and wondered what Schadenfreude is ,well this is getting to be as good as it ever gets. I’m loving it already.


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