And So It Goes…#953

A year ago Guido Fawkes  published a map of the constituencies with the most signatories for a petition opposing Trump’s visit to Britain.

The map from Press Association shows that 15 of the top 20 constituencies with the most signatories in favour of cancelling Trump’s state visit are in London. The rest of the country doesn’t seem bothered, other than the student towns of Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Brighton and Edinburgh.

One year on from the visit that never eventuated,and it’s all back on again.Apparently; albeit with no firm date as yet.

This means that the uni student common room slackers aka  SWP /Momentum /Green heroic vanguard of proletarian consciousness will be repainting their placards and practising their litanies of otiose cant and vacuous platitudes which they’ll seek to deploy on the day itself.

Pseudo-moralistic posturing ( aka virtue-signalling ) ,will once again be to the fore in the ever shrinking realm of MSM  public discourse.All the visceral worthwhile polemic will be on social media as usual and which MSM still doesn’t quite get yet.

Metropolitan undergrad,middle class, hipsters purposefully dressed down to be conspicuously inconspicuous believing themselves to be camouflaged as ordinary folk will assemble in their termite swarms in all the usual places.

Quite why ” they ” even bother to manifest such faux-outrage remains a mystery to any rational person,especially those who have a grasp of  Realpolitik .

Welcome Mr.President! Hope you have a nice visit.


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