And So It Goes…#955

They really seem to want this,the Yanks.

Washington has confirmed that its aircraft killed around 100 fighters they describe as belonging to Assad’s forces.

Which is just fine and dandy but for one crucial lacuna in the U.S. ” doing the right thing for humanity ” narrative. The US shouldn’t even be in Syria,irrespective of whether they’re merely advising and training or as this latest episode has so glaringly highlighted,yet again actively taking part in combat missions against the forces of the legitimate government in Damascus.

A government that has invited certain friendly foreign states to assist it in its existential battle for survival against various indigenous and islamist terrorist insurgents.All the diverse military elements of NATO satrapies -UK,France,Canada,Italy,Turkey et al ,as well as their lord and master the US , are in violation of international law by being present on Syria soil against the wishes of the Syrian government.

Rabid dog Erdogan’s  ” Operation Olive Branch ” blitzkrieg against the Kurds in and around Afrin is the same category of international war crime as are all the other actions of all the other US/EU/NATO forces ( to which can be added Israel ) carried out against the Syrian government ,its forces and those of its allies in the campaign against ISIS/Daesh and the other insurgent terrorists SDF/FSA/Al Qaeda.

Despite earlier doubts,it is to becoming increasingly clearer that the world is sleepwalking into a kind of Nuclear 1914 scenario.An otherwise unconnected series of events,none significant by themselves, are lining up and a historic synchronicity is bringing about a significance they would otherwise not have. Think the two contiguous Balkan Wars that as it turned out preceded the Great War.

To mis quote Bismarck , none of this is worth the life of even a single Pomeranian grenadier.Not that the US was ever any good at studying history and its Pandora’s box of precedents.


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