And So It Goes…#956

The metropolitan ruling elites were always going to ” betray ” the vote to Leave? Not true!

They didn’t even have the slightest inkling that the result of the 23 June 2016 Referendum on the UK’s continuing membership would actually fall to the Leave side.

Nobody amongst the serried ranks of itinerant benchwarmers at Westminster nor in the byzantine bureaucracies of Whitehall actually thought it remotely conceivable that after 44 years of satrapydom,the British electorate might somehow not vote in the majority for a continuation of the status quo. And yet they did!

The same ineradicable spirit of dogged determination that got our men safely home from the beaches at Dunkirk,prevailed on another such auspicious day when confronted by the seeming inevitability of a predetermined fate,the people erred on the side of resistance.

That’s how the History of our ineluctably glorious island Nation rolls.We get there;we make it;we carry on.

And now,not for the first time,what ought by the dint of inexhaustible existential endeavour to have presaged the apotheosis of triumph for the Common Man has been usurped,pimped out,squandered,bartered away for a mess of pottage by the metropolitan ruling elites.

It’s a shame and a pity that our longed for liberation from the asphyxiating constraints and harrowing burdens of vassalage to the Franco-Teutonic Superstate has been denigrated,devalued,debauched and defecated upon by all our major parliamentary parties and their minor ideological cohorts.

Shall we carry on? we shall,in spite of everything,we must.

I have no time for the lost and abandoned souls of Remoaners,the 48%,the smug hubristic academics,thespians commentariat,EU-funded scientists,City financiers,shyster QC’s,Uni student common room agitators-manque and all the other feckin treasonous utterly deplorable eejits who chose long before Brexit came along to live out their futile corporeal existence with a back so terribly deformed by incessant kowtowing and their egregious temerity of drawing upon our common atmosphere for their daily breaths that have singularly proven to be an extravagance courtesy of the Cosmos .


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