And So It Goes…#958

The full and final betrayal of the British electorate’s verdict on June 23 2016 to Leave the EU is now imminent.

The minority Tory regime held, what was ironically termed by their supine kowtowing lackey Press as, a  ” war cabinet ” at Chequers, to finalise the otiose cant and non sequitur verbiage that will shortly be broadcast/published outlining the precise details of how this Grand Betrayal ,this Act of monumental Treason is to be enacted.

There is no longer any need for the Labour Party to strive to return to power when the Tories-manque are doing precisely what Labour would do plus a little bit more besides for good measure and so outflank their adversaries in parliament.A parliament that decide long before 23 June 2016 that the plebs could go and get stuffed.

The leading metropolitan Remoaner /seditionist EU shill Mary Creagh, the itinerant benchwarmer for Wakefield,must be beside herself at this prospect;if indeed someone with so huge a grossly inflated ego can ever find space to be able to in fact be besides themselves.

Only the other day,Our Blessed Mary of the Reduced Majority,hurled her usual otiose cant into the HoC echo chamber, ” If the UK leaves the EU “,she began. If? If? Given the brazen cowardice of the Minority Tory Regime in its spectacularly blatant endeavours to fail to carry out the verdict of the EU referendum, ” If ” is a confident,self-assured piece of ironic mockery.

Of course the UK isn’t bloody well leaving the EU.Whatever gave the 17.4 million who voted Leave that idea in the first instance?

The forces of Global Corporate capitalism and its Usury-Finance system have ineluctably triumphed over Society one more time.

The residual hope, if indeed there is any, lies in the widespread and continuing eruption of political fissures across a number of national polities such as France,Germany,Italy,Austria and increasingly eastern europe too.

At least, but as it turns out for an all too brief a historic moment,the British people raged against the dying of the light that was Britain and all it ever stood for.


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