And So It Goes…#960

Happiness comes in many forms and it comes quite often best served as a surprise treat.

Sunday March 4 2018 joins all the other Sundaes ( geddit?) that have been served up over the last year or so all across the continent of Europe. Another triumphant manifestation of a sovereign peoples’ will as expressed through the legitimate, constitutional mechanism of the ballot box.

The EU’s Arch-technocrat rent boy ,Renzi ,who they had originally put in place to facilitate the pimping out of Italian sovereignty is no more. The entire lamentable,German-led Austerity-enforcing ,authoritarian Eurofascist contraption that had been foisted upon them has been summarily smashed to smithereens by the Italian electorate.

Another social democratic party,the party of Renzi, has ended up swinging forlornly on the gibbet of popular sovereignty.

France, Holland ,Germany,Austria,Czech Republic, a litany of liberation,-one after the other Socialist party has been dragged kicking and screaming and begging forgiveness  to its richly deserved and overdue demise.

The Italian verdict was even harsher on the decrepit,treasonable rabble than schadenfreude had any right to expect. The M5S ,Lega successes have come at a moment when the dwindling prospect of the actual fulfilment of brexit is in need of a fillip. This is a signal,however distant and muted that other civilised democratic societies akin to our own are alive and are striving and succeeding.

Alas poor bloody Albion.Stuck, nay shackled with the otiose detritus of two moribund,decaying behemoths that long ago should have been buried in some anonymous grave somewhere.Instead of which  against all civilised human reason Labour and Conservative especially, carry on as if its still the 1980’s; thanks largely  to their mutually contrived maintenance and perpetuation ( to the detriment of representative democracy ), of the utterly corrupted and redundant FPTP electoral system from 1867.

The Men of Action,who one had despairingly thought had been lost to History are back at last.This isn’t a current nor a trend not even a wave;it’s the Whirlwind and it’s reaping time.






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