And So It Goes…#962

And still it rumbles on.The Salisbury imbroglio. The tiniest molehill has over this last few days been assiduously turned into a proverbial mountain.

Tory Minority Westminster Regime Leader May even went walkabout in the erstwhile largely overlooked Wiltshire County Town,as if she was Margaret Thatcher at the height of the Falklands conflict.

Opposition Leader Corbyn ( barely two years on from being massively no-confidenced by 90% of his parliamentary  “colleagues” who still want nothing to do with him as their Party’s duly elected leader after all this time ) has tried to inject  a dose of reason and level-headedness into the hyperbole strewn bluster aired from all directions in the House of Commons chamber as if it were the set of ” The Darkest Hour “.

And still it rumbles on. Expulsions of Russian embassy staff has been ordered;the nature of the incident itself has now Orwellian like been recategorised as a  direct attack on UK sovereignty and the first use of a chemical weapon attack by one state on another in europe, the first since 1945.

The very same utterly detestable venal politicians and parties that for decades now have systematically betrayed the UK’s sovereignty and independence and ensured our enslavement to the EU and USA are now the ones prattling on about attacks on our sovereignty.

The corporate MSM are strutting and posturing, filling cyberspace and the airwaves and diminishing acres of newsprint with fatuous drivel and archaic references to a Russian menace.And most itinerant Westminster benchwarmers are also behaving and acting as expected. Labour worse than the Tories since it is Labour,historically, that is the party of war and foreign interventionism.

And to cap it all ,the Minority regime’s Secretary of State for Defence. the jejeune Gavin Williamson uttered the immortal phrase that Russia ought to shut up and go away.

Russia has just won,again. Schadenfreude!



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