And So It Goes…#963

The UK’s Tory minority regime is currently embroiled  in a convoluted existential mess and finding itself in the proverbial hole,has opted to carry on digging.

Russia has now been elevated to the vaunted status of grave threat to the international order and future security of the european continent. This Will O’the Wisp has been latterly conjured up by the embattled Tory Austerity regime, caught as it is between a rock and a hard place – the rock of national betrayal of the vote to Leave the EU and the rock of diplomatic and military impotence and delusion in the wider world.

Regarding the matter of immediate domestic concern to the metropolitan-domiciled ruling elites,that of maintaining the EU’s supremacy over the British people,it has taken the faux-adversaries of Remain and Leave a little while to finesse and implement their joint strategy for a de-facto annulment of the verdict of the June 2016 EU Referendum.

But in spite of some efforts to honour and implement said verdict to Leave, the combined forces of mendacity,hypocrisy and servile loyalty to a hostile foreign power – the EU – have at last managed to cobble together a transition deal. This transition deal pretends to extend the interim period of time from the expiry of Article 50 at the end of March 2019 to December 2020 for there to be no, imaginary, cliff edge exodus from the confines of the EU that might have,had we ever really gone ahead with it,been an economic shock of trading on WTO rules following the UK’s departure-which in any event is now confirmed as never ever going to eventuate.

The very same mendacious invertebrates who for generations now have singularly failed to defend and promote the interests of the British people vis a vis the EU, are now posing themselves as hardened Cold War hawks ready to engage Russia.

Boris Johnson the EU Leave campaign’s leader-manque who impugned and denigrated the EU and all its institutions so viscerally is now at the front of the UK’s campaign to get the self same EU to stand shoulder to shoulder against the imminent,highly implausible threat coming from Russia.

The yawning gap in credibility is even at this distance plain for all to see.

Treachery at home,discarding the democratic vote of the Electorate is coupled with resorting to infantile posturing that passes for international diplomacy abroad.

Drawing parallels between the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia with the Berlin Olympics of 1936 in Nazi Germany is of course another way of making sure that fuses are lit.


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