And So It Goes…#964

One year from now,the UK will be on the very cusp of leaving the EU.The terms and conditions of Article 50 will have been fulfilled

Fat bloody chance!

The metropolitan ruling elites’ Remain campaign has still another twelve months to inflict further damage to what is already a hideously disfigured,beleaguered,battered and bruised Brexit. Remoaner seditionist EU shills have out-thought and out fought the always far from cohesive forces favouring the UK leaving the EU.

The ineluctable proof of this can be found in the wording of the terms and conditions of what is commonly referred to as the  ” Transition Deal ” in effect an extension to our EU membership for a further punitive 21 months after the expiry of the mandatory Article 50 exit,which keeps the UK incarcerated until December 2020 only after which time the UK will be deemed to have actually left the EU.

The smoke and mirrors coup-de-main of the UK domiciled seditionist Remoaners aka the government in cahoots with all the other parties, in practice extended the mandatory period of notice required under Article 50 without the self-defeating farce of having to consult all 27 constituent EU member states’ parliaments and the EU “Parliament” and all having to unanimously approve the extension to the Article 50 withdrawal period. Tacking a wholly spurious and superfluous transition period onto the negotiations post- Article 50 gives the grand betrayal a far more elegant and acceptable superficial appearance- though betrayal it remains..

The re-emergence of Tony Blair into the the mainstream of what is now a largely empty and meaningless continuation of a threadbare public debate around the theme of brexit,is at best a hideously conceited distraction from the genuinely treasonable machinations of the benchwarming fraternity in westminster. The same goes for that ghastly windbag,Lord Adonis whose innate ability to appear irrelevant and yet somehow superficially important to any debate is a remarkable quality.

For example his pet project, the #StopBrexit campaign, had organised several regional marches across Britain over the last weekend.the vast wave of social media agitation created an expectation of significance surrounding these physical outpourings of anti – brexit hostility.The much heralded ” Great Northern March ” planned for Leeds was clearly hyped as terribly imporatnt. The optimistic Remoaner sentiment was hoping for a turn out of 50.000 but reasonably self-assured for around 20,000 on the day. On the day itself,the Remain organisers declared a wonderful success with 5,000 attending.

Even the public Remoaner legions are worn out by the claptrap and duplicity that their own metropolitan elitist leadership have been purveying for far too long.Ultimately,the elites don’t want people on the streets in any impressively credible numbers.The cause of choice of these people is to the elites a complete irrelevance.


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