And So It Goes…#966

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.” “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that’s all.”

Two weeks after Mr Johnson gave an interview to the German broadcaster DeutscheWelle, and was asked why he believed the chemical came from Russia.

He said: “When I look at the evidence, I mean the people from Porton Down, the laboratory…”

Mr Johnson was asked if they had samples.

He said: “They do. And they were absolutely categorical and I asked the guy myself, I said, ‘Are you sure?’ And he said, ‘There’s no doubt’.”

Gary Aitkenhead, chief executive of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down, said scientists had not “identified the precise source”.

The Foreign Secretary was urged to explain the answer he gave when asked why he was certain the novichok nerve agent originated in Russia.

And in the meantime, the entire corporate MSM domiciled in the UK ( notionally “right” and notionaly  “left” ) have spent the past few weeks lambasting the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn MP who urged caution and circumspection in regard to making accusations against Russia prior to establishing the facts and presenting the evidence.

Which naturally enough the decrepit,bumbling minority Tory regime were never ever going to hang around for before attempting to single-handedly re-ignite the Cold War. None of this habeas corpus,due process,let the Police investigate the crime,establish the facts,uncover the empirical evidence to give to the CPS to present in court at a trial -none of that nonsense.

Just wantonly defame and slander a sovereign nation state with whom the UK is officially, at least for now,still at peace and instigate hand in glove with the US neocon State Department a co-ordinated wave of diplomatic expulsions involving most but not all EU and NATO satrapies who accept the ” evidence ” as  vouched for by a deluded haridan and Thatcher impersonator.

I’m no longer sure that Schadenfreude covers it.







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