And So It Goes…#970

It should be noted that the EU Withdrawal negotiations led by the May regime have to all intents and purposes utterly betrayed the verdict delivered by the EU Referendum of 23 June 2016.

Not a single scintilla of discernible advantage has been accrued by the UK during the seemingly, but not quite, interminable Leave negotiations.Nothing whatsoever.For all the venal,hubristic posturing and indiscriminate use of diplomatic hyperbole and cant from all three sides in the Withdrawal negotiations,nothing to paraphrase Bob Dylan, has been delivered.

Three sides,you say? The EU ,the official UK and if you hadn’t already noticed the unofficial UK aka the Remain campaign. they have  carried on ever since the dawn of the 24 June 2016 as if in fact it was they that had triumphed in the referendum irrespective of the empirically verifiable numerical disadvantage recorded for posterity on the day itself.

Days after that irritating,shabby little twerp Donald Tusk  ( with pretensions of being some kind of latter day reincarnation of Marshal Pilsudski ) go about telling the UK off,yet again, for its continuing negotiating stance on the so-called ” Irish Border Post Brexit ” , the House of Lords decides to throw all of its toys out of the pram.

It’s like watching a prison riot consisting of alzheimers patients.Most of them have difficulty recognising the person speaking or where they themselves are most of the time.

The H.oL. latest jape was to vote through an amendment which graphically illustrates the dangerous antipathy toward democracy they and their metropolitan elitist political class feel. The amendment which goes back to the House of Commons for further debate ( with the danger of it actually being accepted by a majority of those itinerant benchwarmers ) forces the UK to seek to enter a Customs Union relationship with the EU.

The term non-sequitur springs to mind,but given the Alice-In-Wonderland tropes that the entire Brexit process has been subsumed in,one can never tell.

The Remoaners aka metroplitan seditionists & EU shills ( many posing as the government itself pretending to want to carry out the ineluctable democratic mandate of the British electorate but in reality having no intention whatsoever of actually doing so ) are of course giddier than a chimpanzees tea party that’s just drunk all the Kool-aid in one great big gulp.

Matron will be having words with them in the morning after having had to change their bedsheets so often during the night.


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