And So It Goes…#972

Israeli Premier Netanyahu is trying to light a few extra fuses in the Syrian imbroglio and investing an extraordinary amount of diplomatic demagoguery toward that objective.The trigger,he hopes, will be the revocation of what is commonly termed the Iran Nuclear Deal.A Heath-Robinson affair where the 5 permanent members of the UN security Council plus Germany exercise vigilance and constraints on Iran’s ambition to create a nuclear arsenal.

The saving grace, if indeed there is to be any in this prelude to WW3, is that,the current US President Trump’s predilection for diplomatic anarchy may not on this occasion be allowed free rein.China,France,Russia and the UK,oh,and Germany,all have an intense desire to maintain the present Iran Nuclear Deal.A position and outlook that enjoys a broad spectrum of support amongst the various experts,analysts and ad-hoc international bodies who between them have a good idea as to the degree and veracity of Iran’s adherence to the deal itself.

Netanyahu, au contraire just wants to get the US and its increasingly deluded NATO satrapies to bomb Iran on any old pretext.To this end,the reprobate who is facing indictment on multiple corruption charges,delivered a mise en scene before the world’s media with apparently 50,000 documents proving Iranian perfidy.

Fortunately sanity and reason are momentarily back in vogue among the western powers and so this byzantine Israeli-conspiracy theory was found to be short of legs. So Iran isn’t going to get bombed any time soon.

However this all comes in the wake of what were a series of missile strikes against what were reported as Iranian bases inside Syria.And so the World sinks a little deeper in the quagmire and Israel is doing the pushing down.

The Zionist statelet celebrated its’ 70th year of existence recently and  no-one does mass shroud-waving and emotionally vacuous hyperbole better than Israel. Demagoguery.

Then again, who knows what the Washington beltway  neocon deep state establishment might yet get Trump to do.

And therein lies the danger.



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