And So It Goes…#976

The Anglophobic,or should we say anti-British sentiment that has suffused Irish political and cultural discourse since time immemorial has attained its zenith.

The Fenian Kneecappers and Bombers and their misbegotten offspring have ascended their very own allegorical Calvary and are awaiting their own imminent resurrection as foretold in the annals of terrorism and bloodshed.

That quintessentially obtuse and arcane shibboleth known as  ” The Irish Border Question ” has been parlayed into the defining problematic on which the UK’s brexit from the EU is now ordained to founder catastrophically.

The Irish Times reported on November 21,2017 :-

After a heated Bundestag debate, Germany voted yesterday to back Ireland’s request to restructure crisis-era loans and save the exchequer an estimated €150 million.

The request from Dublin turned into a proxy battle between Germany’s two leading parties, which are locked in a growing coalition battle.

Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) backed Ireland’s request, along with the Greens and the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP), calling Ireland a model crisis country.

Amazingly shortly thereafter, the EU’s puppet regime in Dublin commenced to orchestrate with commendable alacrity its very own Greek Chorus on the UK’s admittedly,feeble,procrastinating attempt at negotiating what is termed Brexit from the EU.

Labour, ( metropolitan elitist,Blairite and Corbynite alike ) and its supine Trades Union running dogs and all the collected detritus of anti-British Irish politics lined up squarely behind The Kneecappers & Bombers aka Sinn Fein and their demented but only marginally less odious political cousins in the republic.

The allure of donning the mantle of messiah –manque has proven too much.for the intellectual leprechauns of irish tribal politics. And Juncker,Tusk and Barnier have played an absolute blinder against ,again admittedly, an all too obviously vertebrae-deficient UK government.

And so Brexit and all the promises made that the Referendum result would be implemented,blah.blah are about to be taken out and executed at dawn.

Expressions of Schadenfreude might be appropriate at this juncture,but for what reason, I don’t know.


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