And So it Goes…#977

Back in 1982,in the middle of the ColdWar ,British commercial TV aired a mordantly witty six-part black comedy, “Whoops Apocalypse ” -a tale about events in the week leading up to WW3.

This extract from Wikipedia,captures the tone :-  The naive and highly unpopular Republican U.S. President Johnny Cyclops (an obvious Ronald Reagan parody, played by Barry Morse) is advised by an insane right-wing fundamentalist security advisor,

And here we all are in 2018 and life is imitating art to the full, a real  President Johnny Cyclops is being advised by the likes of John Bolton and Secretary of State Pompeo.

There was,what was commonly referred to as the Iran nuclear deal – the US unilaterally tore that one up.There was a summit arranged for June in Singapore between DPRK-North Korea and the US.The US has unilaterally cancelled it.

In a recent scathing denunciation of the Iranian government,in the wake of the US abrogation of the nuclear deal, Pompeo tore into Iran threatening the imposition of the harshest sanctions in history if Iran did not swear to forego nuclear technology development.

Washington DC’s resident neocon psychopath-in-chief Trump’s national security advisor- John Bolton gave a graphic warning that the DPRK would be heading the same way as Libya were they not to in effect do exactly what the US demanded of them at the forthcoming summit in Singapore.

The natural,indeed inevitable corollary of those twin egregious US propaganda assaults is that Iran and DPRK,as sovereign nation states and members of the UN, have reacted with their own barely restrained responses.

In one co-ordinated fell swoop,the world has gone from a functional and functioning nuclear restraining order on Iran involving  the UN Security Council permanent 5 plus Germany (representing the EU ) and a North Korea on a path of genuine reconciliation & de-escalation vis a vis South Korea,to a twin tsunami of belligerent hyperbole and outporing of crazed paranoia spewing forth from the neocon orifices of Washington that has eviscerated any semblance of balance ,order and sanity in international relations.

The World is not in a good place right now.

Obviously the US fancies its chances in simultaneous multi-regionalise confrontations.

For the time being its european NATO satrpies,even inveterate kowtowing bootlickers such as the UK aren’t as certain as their Lords and Masters in the Washington Eyrie.

Schadenfreude awaits.



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