And So It Goes…#978

It’s easy to get mad.Especially over the burning issues surrounding the European Union.So.let’s get really mad.

Around 3 months ago ,the Italian General Election saw the ineluctable rise in democratic popularity of M5S and Lega. These two albeit apparently antithetical ideological formations sharing many common bonds; most notably an abrasive oppositional stance vis a vis the EU and the euro currency,unrestricted mass immigration and a desire to end IMF/Troika imposed Austerity.

The astounding electoral successes of M5S and Lega paralleled the broadly similar anti-EU,anti-globalist unrestricted freedom of movement driven national successes of what are now,supposedly pejoratively described as populist parties in a number of EU satrapies. Austria,Germany,France,Czechia,Netherlands,Hungary etc.

These aren’t simply the a “movement” these are irreversible tectonic shifts in civil society and national polities all across Europe.

It’s no longer a question as to whether or not the EU is in crisis or in decline; the European Union is a rotting corpse crying out for the last rites and burial in an unmarked grave.

The longer the process is drawn out,the greater the degree of resistance to historic evolutionary change that the presiding moribund institutions attempt to exert, the more brutal the response of the new progressive populist forces will inevitably have to be. The iconoclasts of the vile,despicable moloch driven ideals of the EU are not about to squirm at the visceral necessity of their historic task.

Epochal judgement isn’t about to take’s already in progress and cannot be halted.

The EU/ECB/IMF Troika glove puppet President Mattarella and the former IMF pimp Cottarelli will be as the dust underneath the boots of the legions marching on into the future.

How we envy Italy,Hungary,the Front National in France,AfD in Germany,the new government of Austria. Only the UK seems stuck fast in the land of Mordor it’s people still held hostage by the twin cancers of Conservative and Labour.

And we all know that sooner rather than later cancers get removed.


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