And So It Goes…#979

People have short memories. Or rather the Corporate globalist MSM intentionally maintains a dominant popular narrative predicated on selective amnesia.

In broad daylight the Russian investigative journalist,Babchenko is gunned down in cold blood.Russia is denounced as the perpetrator.

Only,the very next day the murdered journo turns up alive and well at a news conference wherein it is explained to the world that it was all a pantomime to thwart an actual Russian effort to kill Babchenko!

Doesn’t make any sense ? Nothing in the Ukraine these days since 2014 does.

Remember the much lauded -by the west- Euromaidan protests that morphed into a terrorist insurgent putsch?

Execrable reactionary globalist riff-raff such as US Senator McCain -something of a prominent terrorist cheerleader- alongside a coven of EU satrapy foreign ministers led by Merkel’s attack dog  Westerwelle all deployed to Kiev to urge on and reassure the incipient putschists.

REUTERS reported :-

DECEMBER 4, 2013 / 7:42 AM / 4 YEARS AGO

German minister snubs Ukraine leaders on Kiev visit

 And so it goes..

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