And So It Goes…#981

Had the Conservatives in their 2015 GE manifesto promised to hold,if returned to office, an advisory only referendum on UK membership of the EU -history really would have turned out …portentous crescendo of music… a bit different,but not much.

They chose,instead with full cross party parliamentary agreement to make the result of the Referendum binding.The itinerant Westminster careerist benchwarmers believed,even as they promulgated this measure, that the 23 June 2016 EU Referendum would come out in favour of Remain.The entirety of the metropolitan domiciled ruling elites ,the entire Oxbridge / Public School alumni that constitutes the MSM Commentariat – all knew for certain that the Electorate when asked to approve of the UK remaining  a servile satrapy of the EU,would give their supine consent at the ballot box,no problem.

Except of course, that they didn’t. The majority of the Electorate chose instead to exercise their too often muted sovereign will by asking to be set free from the yoke of EU bondage and for the release of Great Britain from the serfdom of the 4th.German Reich.

And for the next two years,the metropolitan elites unleashed a continuous propaganda barrage of unmitigated class-hatred savagery toward ordinary working class people and all those who expressed even a modicum of traditional amiable, patriotism and had,in the elites’ view made a mistake in voting Leave.

The Religious Reformation of the mid -16th .Century and then the Parliamentary v. Monarchical Absolutism engendered Civil War of the 1630s and 40s are probably the nearest comparable historical episodes to the present interminable constitutional imbroglio that has consumed almost the entirety of the UK polity in dissension,factionalism,mutual antipathy and unreason.

The Remain campaign has proven to be the more determined of the two.It has used the bigger lies,the greater misinformation and the more vituperative slanderous mis-characterisation of their opponents in the Leave side than has been the case vice versa.

Ultimately The Reformation ended up,in hindsight as a dog-eared,pretty much heavily adulterated theological compromise that fell far too short of being genuinely Protestant as envisaged by either Luther or Calvin and which would have made for a far better and purer modernity and Society. Equally the English Civil War period delivered far less than had  been aspired to by so many.Annual parliaments,universal male suffrage etc. Though many substantial reforms did actually occur,the monarchy was back by 1660.

And so we come to it…more portentous music….on June 12. Though he prattles on in his usual peremptory condescending Blairite metropolitan elitist manner -as if June 23 had never happened, leading EU shill Labour MP and Remainer Chuka Umunna ,said: “It is absolutely outrageous for the government to allocate just one day to a debate that promises to be crucial for the future of our country.”

“This is a shameful attempt by the government to avoid difficult questions about the chaotic mess they’ve made of the Brexit negotiations.”

And perhaps he’s got a valid point.

The rest including the latest egregious faux-pas from Boris Johnson is simply theatre,another act in a pantomime slowly unwinding from the fabric or the reality of our everyday lives and concerns.

The People shall not forget this treasonable betrayal of their Sovereign will,neither shall they forgive those who carried out that betrayal.

Bring on the Schadenfreude,it’s time.


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