And So It Goes…#982

There’s a quote that’s been mis-attributed to Winston Churchill about jaw,jaw being better than war,war.

it’s a good quote,mis-attributed or not. Back in January 2003,I planned and curated a Poetry exhibition at Wakefield Cathedral on the Iraq war at the time using  the title , “Jaw,jaw war,war”. Anyhow…

It’s a good day today, June 12 2018 ; the world has opted for more life in preference to nuclear self-immolation.

Presidents Trump and Kim Jong Un shook hands and called each other friend. And the Washington DC neocon neanderthals and their liberal global interventionist cousins are pissed off beyond belief.

Clearly they didn’t see this one coming or they might with the benefit of hindsight in the next few days,as the new reality sinks into their troglodyte consciousness, claim to have done so but are not best pleased about it at all.

The inimitable practitioners of Realpolitik such as Bismarck and Talleyrand however,would no doubt be enormously pleased at the success of the Singapore summit.

Trump has brilliantly blindsided the very neocon hawks who had supposed that it was they who had taken Trump’s vision hostage and had cowed him into submission to their nefarious schemes.

The thing is,that might still be partially the political / ideological status quo. Syria,Iran,Israel are still on countdown to something infinitely far more dangerous than whatever the state of the present multilateral imbroglio is in.

Yet, Trump and Kim Jong Un with the energetic involvement of China,South Korea and Japan riding to both their rescues have pivoted the world away from nuclear hellfire and damnation.

And the Obama/Clinton democrat liberal global interventionists and the McCain/Bush/Cruz reptilian republican neocons who want a Forever War are now wallowing in their own customised slough of despond.

And Schadenfreude is their only companion.


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