And So It Goes…#983

On March 2019, the UK’s decades long membership of the European Union ends.

And then there’s a transition period which the May Minority regime has negotiated in order to appease pro-EU Corporate interests. The CBI and others conjured up the utterly preposterous chimera of an economic /financial ” cliff edge ” that would do for the UK economy were such a transition period not in place.

And so on and so forth.

The House of Commons has embroiled itself in a legislative mess worthy of the mythic augean stables.So Brexit in all likelihood is not going to take place,The only caveat to that is the innate cowardice of the ruling elites and their political class who, here in the UK,are historically incapable of telling it like it is to the people,especially when it comes to betraying the people’s trust.

Clarity and decisiveness in political leadership and governance are utterly alien to the UK. History is littered with great turning points,pivotal to all succeeding societal development,being adulterated through weakness and procrastination.

And conformist/aspirational middle class dramaturgy is the battlefield for the not terribly convincing performances of ideological contention.

The Conservatives are split,Labour even more so on Leave,Remain and even on what kind of Leave and what kind of Remain. The Labour shadow cabinet under Corbyn has just recorded  its 103rd.individual resignation – that total is virtually half the number of Labour MPs .90% of the parliamentary Labour party have since Corbyn’s election as leader. supported formal motions of no confidence in their own Party leader.

Faction above Party and Party above Country is endemic and institutionally entrenched through the maintetnance of the moribund and archaic First Past the Post electoral system.the most glaring and egregious dysfunctioning of which was highlighted starkly by the General election of 2015,where the 3rd placed party,UKIP gained 12% of the popular vote and only 1 seat.

The AfD with a similar vote share is now the largest single opposition party in Germany, ( their moribund decrepit Socialist Party  being in another Grand Coalition with Merkel’s CDU ).

But we’re not in Germany or Austria, Italy,France,Holland,Hungary,Czechia,Poland,Norway,Sweden,Denmark,Finland ( where Socialist and Liberal parties are now in irreversible historic decline ) where the much sneered at by Anglo-Saxon liberal elites’ ” populists ” aren’t so much a surge but a full blown tsunami of political revolt.

And so the very moment of the single most egregious historic betrayal of the British people in modern times is at hand.

Cry ” Havoc!”..


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