And So It Goes…#985

On Sunday June 24,Turkey goes to the polls. it is very likely that the incumbent President Erdogan will be returned to office.In the event that he is,the Turkish state will undergo a radical transformation and the office of president will assume vastly enhanced powers to the detriment of both the Turkish parliament and judiciary as presently constituted.

The Turkish armed forces are currently illegally inside Syrian territory and are conducting military operations against indigenous mainly Kurdish militias as well as occupying Syrian villages,towns and cities; most notably Afrin, Idlib and Manbij.

The US also has its armed forces illegally inside Syria and is conducting military operations and occupying Syrian territory.They have gone so far as to divide up mutually conquered Syrian territory with their Turkish co-aggressors.

Which in purely International Law terms is utterly outrageous and without precedent.Not that the two NATO partner states have even bothered with the flimsiest of excuses,plausible or remotely otherwise in any attempt to legitimise their wanton warmongering conduct.

Israel supports all of this and why wouldn’t they? they are the warmongering pariah state nonpareil when it comes to flouting International Law.

But the bigger problem for the foreseeable future,barring a near miraculous reversal at the ballot box on Sunday, is and will remain Erdogan.

Oh and by the way Erdogan still aspires that Turkey become a member of the European Union.And that is no longer a UK problem.Or is it?


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