And So It Goes…#986

Supreme court rules in favour of anti-abortion clinics in free speech case

Judges rule faith-based ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ are not obliged to tell women that free or low-cost abortions may be available elsewhere.

So reported the Guardian online on the June 26 announcement from the SCOTUS latest rulings. Other notable on the day rulings included the upholding of President Trump’s targeted travel ban on citizens from a number of predominantly muslim countries to the USA.

Matters then generally seem to have improved a great deal in the wake of those SCOTUS decisions.The world is a sunnier place and liberal snowflakes get to bleed their consciences over the rest of us some more.

Those once towering bastions of corporate globalist MSM,such as New York Times and Washington Post, have gone so far as to concede defeat on the upholding of Trump’s travel ban and acknowledge the importance to the Trump presidency of the SCOTUS decision.

And that’s how it’s meant to be in the US. Somebody challenges someone else’s ruling /law in the Courts,there’s an appeal,the original ruling /law is upheld or otherwise and then with both sides committed to their cause and the lower court rulings having implications for the Constitution it winds up in front of SCOTUS.

Liberals have for decades defecated all over the Constitution with their political appointees /careerist judicial cronies on SCOTUS approving.i..e rendering constitutional ,acceptable  and normalising egregious outrages such as abortion on demand ( Roe v.Wade 1973 ) ,sodomy and same- gender marriage. Liberals were only too happy,in those instances to extol the virtues of their wonderful tripartite separation of powers.

But not now. Everything is terrible,Trump is a maniac and America has morphed into some kind of quasi-fascist dystopia. Clearly it doesn’t take much to upset the PC multiculturalist,globalist snowflake opinion formers and corporatist agitators of the Democratic Party and lesser ,vertebrae-free denizens amongst the Republicans.

And long may that state of fear and self-loathing continue; Schadenfreude is now in vogue!



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