And So It Goes…#987

The European Union held a terribly important self-referential summit conference  the other week,where all sorts of hugely important and weighty matters were discussed and debated and..fudged.

Immigration,the UK leaving the EU negotiations,that kind of thing.All of it terribly important as was pointed out ad nauseam by EU Council President ( not the elected kind ) former Polish Shoe Salesman of the Year Donald Tusk.

Theresa May, genuflecting servile toady & former Anglican Tea Lady of the Year, reinforced the general consensus that space itself would be better utilised were she not in it.

To think that on Saturday June 23,some 100,000 Remoaner seditionist EU shills had flounced down Whitehall in support of the UK continuing its autistic relationship with the EU.Never had so many University lecturers,EU funded scientists,City shysters and practising vegan sodomites been assembled for a mass virtue signalling in public whilst exuding the unmistakable odour of insuperable middle class smugness and pomposity.

The EU leaders,who once upon a time would’ve managed to parlay the outcome of their summit into something superficially upbeat and reassuring,failed even that cursory test of political acumen.

The renewed conflagration of contending worldviews on how to deal with /manage the migrant /refugee imbroglio that’s subsuming the European Union, gives unbounded hope to those forces and movements who are progressing and shall no doubt bring out, the EU Tyranny’s eventual destruction.

The Seehofer v. Merkel Bavarian standoff is rapidly becoming the very quintessence of historic schadenfreude. A Germany broken by ineluctable historic circumstances beyond its control and influence,bodes only well for the world and the UK’s brexit in particular.

Happier days are getting nearer!


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