And So It Goes…#988

History gets written by the winners.And losers tend to get a good kicking.

Ultimately there is no-one who is actually ” righteous ” in any of this; no,not one. But that doesn’t mean we ought not to take sides and be actively committed to a cause.

What it ought to mean is, that irrespective of the outcome of any particular argument and our role in it ,history gets made, out of which altered circumstances newer conditions inexorably evolve and develop and the struggle renews and is renewed by this inimitable dynamic of human society.

But we still like our side,the cause we’re committed to to prevail,we do really want to be the ones on the winning side writing the history of a particular struggle. If that were not so then we’d all be supine conformist automatons and all human society /civilisation would be locked into a totalitarian stasis forever.Which of course is utterly absurd but that’s exactly where our present day ruling elites would like to keep the rest of us.

Having themselves been the main beneficiaries of previous favourable outcomes of revolutionary historical struggles,they,our present day ruling elites,do not want others now to be in their turn be the beneficiaries of this current burgeoning period of historical evolution and development.

Nothing exemplifies this dialectical /historical materialist impasse more graphically than the travails and crises overwhelming the ancien regime of the European Union.Once that tyrannical institution topples,out with it will go political correctness and the entire associated ideological detritus of post-1945 Western dominant ideology that has ransacked and virtually annihilated the great moral and ethical doctrines which once seemed so insuperable but through idleness and sloth failed to be maintained and reinvigorated.

The UK’s intention to Leave the EU, aka Brexit, is perhaps a strategic lynchpin in all of is only “perhaps”,because the political class as servants primarily of the metropolitan ruling elites,are doing their damnedest to emasculate and effectively render impotent whatever Brexit might actually become once implemented in full. The metropolitan elites do not want the brexit that might conceivably energiseĀ  a broader turmoil that inevitably leads to the removal of the metropolitan elites themselves from the commanding heights of history at this particular juncture.

Recorded history ( is like a swiss cheese in that it’s mainly made up of holes ) comprises in the main missed opportunities,half-taken chances and procrastination trumping daring. Imagine our contemporary world but where the great Reformation of the 1530’s and 40’s succeeded far more than it was allowed to.Or,the English revolution of the 1630’s and 40’s where Levellers and others had held their nerve and had doubled down on their strategy.

Determining Historical materialist outcomes is not some otiose parlour game of 20/20 hindsight.Certain delayed outcomes,say Irish independence, would have been far better to have been dealt with effectively and resolved around 1884 than they eventually were some 30 years afterwards with what were considerably greater and wider ranging egregious consequences that had not been present thirty years earlier..

And so it goes.

We are not, either here in the UK over Brexit nor on the Continent of Europe because of a cataclysmic failure of the EU tyranny heading into a historic tsunami of unimaginable dimensions,not at all,on the contrary we are already in the middle of it.


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