And So It Goes…#989

Schadenfreude has never gotten this epic before.

The deal done at Chequers, ( aka Minority Tory Cabinet shenanigans), to arrive at a working consensus on the government’s position at the EU Withdrawal Negotiations, so volubly heralded only a few days ago has imploded.

The Brexit Secretary David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson became the first dual high level cabinet resignations since the Falklands Crisis hit the Thatcher regime back in 1982.

Naturally the snuffling,grunting swineherds of the corporate MSM and partisan social media have been all over this with their usual autistic responses and analyses.

But it is ,perhaps perversely,a real spectacle to behold. The very last bastion of Western European “democratic” two party-rule,the carefully maintained FPTP Lab./Con.duopoly heaving and breaking apart under its myriad incompatible,archaic idiosyncracies and inefficiencies.

The broad swathe of the european continent’s political geography from France in the west across Holland,Germany,Austria,Czechia,Italy and up in Scandinavia has almost uniformly felt the burgeoning tsunami of anti-globalist,anti-EU driven Populism.

All except the UK where the tensions and expressions of dissent have found it hardest to escape from the FPTP electoral unrepresentative straitjacket.

And the resignations from Tory party apparatchiks just keep coming.It’s like watching one desperate assassin after another stepping up to take a pot shot at the corpse of Archduke Franz Ferdinand after Gavrilo Princip had already topped him.

Anglican Tea Lady of the Year, May ,bumbles on in that otiose and extremely irritating lower-middle class English manner with its vapid sermonising and glaring irrelevance to the issue at hand that invites others to keep handing her their dirty plates to wash.

The assembled patriots-manque all breathlessly quote Churchill and try terribly hard to concentrate and imagine themselves to have what innately their own DNA has not naturally endowed them with..a backbone.


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